Dentsply Maillefer’s READY•STEEL hand files are pre-sterilized and come with perforated blister packs for single-patient use, to bring you safety and security during your endodontic procedures.

For greater patient safety, lower risk from cross-contamination and reliable, predictable performance—from the simple to the complex—the need is immediate. The time is now.


9 out of 10

patients expect their dentists to use single-use products.*
They can rely on Dentsply Maillefer.

More than

2 out of 3

patients would want their dentist to show them the pre-sterilized products in their original packaging prior to using them.*


Pre-sterilization minimizes the risk of cross-contamination, eliminates time and the cost of cleaning files. And with 90% of patients citing sterilization as one of their top concerns*, Dentsply Maillefer continues to lead the way with pre-sterilized endodontic solutions.

Single Use

Single-use files ensure the most effective procedure possible—from start to finish. No bacterial threat. No cutting surface deterioration from cleaning and heat. 8 in 10 patients feel safe knowing their clinician uses single-use products.* Clinicians have always set the highest standards for patient safety. Our single-use products products meet your high standards for safety- minimizing risk, maximizing consistency.


While our pre-sterilized, single-use instruments reduce risk of infection, they also reduce the time a patient must spend in the chair during treatment. 95% of adults find speed and efficiency at least somewhat important to them during dental procedures.* Safe and predictable results for your patient. Savings of time and money for you and your staff spent by eliminating reprocessing of instruments during turnover.

Continuing Education

Confidence comes from a full suite of continuing education courses developed to help you take on more cases, gain more knowledge and realize more practice growth.

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